Lisaard and Innisfree Hospice Achieves HPCO Accreditation Status

We are so pleased to share that, with the support of and partnership with Hospice Palliative Care Ontario (HPCO), we have achieved full Accreditation status effective January 2021!

 What it is

Accreditation by HPCO – the provincial association of hospices and palliative care providers, professionals, and volunteers in Ontario – assures we are delivering consistent, high-quality, well-rounded care, and indicates to health professionals, our residents and families, our donors, and our community that we are in compliance with industry standards and that we’ve been recognized by HPCO based on a rigorous review of our overall performance by industry peers.

 What it means

Lisaard and Innisfree Hospice has been thoroughly audited to ensure alignment with the all-encompassing Accreditation standards established by HPCO, and that we meet or exceed them. This includes the creation of – and adherence to – policies surrounding all aspects of our business, including resident and family care, incident handling, clinical and legacy services, and volunteer support. To maintain our Accreditation status for three years, we’ll continue to improve upon existing processes and build new ones where appropriate, and we’ll collaborate with our HPCO partners along the way to ensure our ongoing alignment to their Accreditation standards.

 And there’s more!

Lisaard and Innisfree Hospice is the very first standalone hospice residence that HPCO has accredited in their 20 years of supporting this process – we couldn’t be more proud of this achievement!

 Why it matters

Simply put, Accreditation is a significant indicator of our commitment to meeting the highest standards and ensuring the delivery of high-quality hospice palliative care. It also recognizes our commitment to continuous learning and improvement; aligning ourselves to accreditation standards provides us with a roadmap that guides us in how we’re doing, and what we can do differently or better.

And we know what we’re doing is working – we hear almost daily from our residents and their families how appreciative they are of our exceptional service and support.

“I am more grateful than I can express for our experience at Lisaard & Innisfree Hospice. I never imagined the sort of care provided by the staff at Lisaard House existed in our imperfect universe. The ministrations, not only of the nurses and PSWs, but also of the volunteers and the music therapist, were beyond praise. Mom was essentially in a coma by the time she arrived at Lisaard House, and she was treated with unsurpassed compassion and respect. I myself was in terrible shape after 48 sleepless hours at Grand River Hospital, and I was immediately cocooned in an atmosphere of support and empathy that addressed simultaneously my physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.”

Thank you!

We are so grateful for the tremendous work done throughout 2020 by Maria Empringham, Director of Care, for her leadership and organization in support of our extensive Accreditation activities. Huge thanks also to our staff and volunteer teams for helping create and update numerous policies required for us to meet or exceed all the HPCO Accreditation Standards in the areas of Governance, Clinical Services, and Volunteer Services.

We know that – as a team – we’ll need to continue to work diligently to maintain our Accreditation status, but we think you’ll agree – this is a very exciting way to usher in 2021!