We are so appreciative of your donations.

At this time, we would ask that donations be dropped off at the entrance (no-contact).
We can only accept items that are unopened.

Please sanitize your hands and complete a donation slip so that we can keep track of donations.

We are in need of the following items:

⦁ Copy paper
⦁ Black pens
⦁ Soup tureen (electric)
⦁ Mixed birdseed
⦁ Large yard waste bags
⦁ Large 5 drawer filing cabinet
⦁ Paper towels
⦁ Toilet paper
⦁ Small Ziploc bags
⦁ Bendy straws
⦁ Cookies
⦁ Apple juice
⦁ Cranberry juice
⦁ Juice boxes
⦁ Ginger ale (cans)

⦁ Diet ginger ale (cans)
⦁ Unsweetened applesauce
⦁ Jello cups
⦁ Pudding cups (chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch)
⦁ Boxed jello mix
⦁ Boxed pudding mix
⦁ Tea (orange pekoe, chamomile, peppermint)
⦁ Ketchup
⦁ Bisto gravy (beef, chicken)
⦁ Oxo packets (beef, chicken)
⦁ Cherry pie filling
⦁ Pumpkin pie filling
⦁ Miracle whip
⦁ Oatmeal
⦁ Ranch dressing

We welcome gifts cards (Walmart, Freshco, Costco, No Frills, Dollarama, Amazon, Staples)

If you plan on dropping off a larger donation, please contact the hospice directly to plan a drop-off time.